Asphalt Xtreme: New Freemium racing game from Gameloft lands in the App Store

Gameloft is back in the App Store with its popular racing series Asphalt Xtreme.

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Just give it a good time, without regard for losses. That is the new arcade racing game Asphalt Xtreme possible, which was published today by Gameloft world as freemium app. That means: The more than 1 GB download on iPhone and iPad is free and is financed with in-app purchases. How this affects the playing experience, we can not say shortly after the start of the game unfortunately.

In contrast to the existing parts of asphalt, in which one was mostly on the same background, it goes in asphalt Xtreme over floor and stone. As is known from the predecessors, it is, of course, again a matter of spectacular places that are modeled on real places: Detroit, Phuket or the dunes of the Nile Valley are the focus of the game.

The introduction to Asphalt Xtreme is quite simple thanks to an integrated tutorial: the control is explained step by step in German. Much wrong can be done anyway: By inclination is steered, with the left thumb the often unnecessary brake served and with the right thumb of the nitro.

Multiplayer mode in Asphalt Xtreme must be released first

Realism is definitely not the focus in Asphalt Xtreme. It is full throttle, you are racing with the boost through the area and completes daredevil jumps over ramps and abysses. Actually a pity that the racing game is so extremely fast, because there remains hardly an eye for the really great designed environments in which there are many details to be discovered.

You can also discover many cars in Asphalt Xtreme. 35 are the number, from small buggy to riot cars to giant monster pressures. With Jeep, Ford, Mercedes-Benz or Chevrolet are of course also many well-known brands with it. However: the vehicles must be released gradually and partly also with the in-game currency to be paid.

At the center of Asphalt Xtreme is a career mode, as well as daily events and a multiplayer mode. The last two game modes have yet to be released, so I could not make my own impression this morning.

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