Fifa 17 tricks on its previous version the Fifa 16

FIFA 17  has now established itself as one of the most popular mobile game of the last period. The only flaw: it is like many other games a freemium, to fast forward through the game and buy Coins and FIFA Points you’ll have to spend money or wait, therefore you will need the  Fifa 17 Coin generator

To the delight of all those who can not afford to spend so much, in this article we will see the tricks for FIFA 17, cheats that allow for Coins and FIFA Points   unlimited free without Root or Jailbreak

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Cheats for Fifa 16 Coins and Unlimited Fifa Points

By now you will too, hacks and all the tools that you find online do not work or are immediately patched by the creators, so we the team Cheats & hacks we have created an online tool, directly upgradeable from us so as not to be able to be also fixed by the developer and directly accessible on the net, you just press the download button !!

Here are several features that will be available after the download:

  • Coins have Free and Unlimited
  • Have FIFA Points for free and unlimited
  • Easy to use, with video tutorials to help you in case of need
  • It supports Ghostscript
  • automatic updates
  • Available for Android / ios
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and all future versions, there is also a manual version and then be activated on all devices

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How To: How to use the hack for FIFA 17

To optimize the use of the fifa 17 free coins you have to follow some important steps:

  1. Download the Hack, you will be asked to complete a simple offering, it’s totally free, for more information visit the page: “How To Download,” we set a bid to prevent our system will quickly be saturated or fixati exploits used .
  2. Extract the file on your desktop / mobile
  3. Follow the various steps that you will find in the guide
  4. Reboot your smartphone / PC / Console and have fun with unlimited Coins and FIFA Points!

You’re done, have fun !!

Video Fifa 16 Cheats:

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You have problems with the tricks for FIFA 16?

If you find any problem with FIFA 16 Cheats, contact us using the form below (the comments), it’s simple!

But .. What is FIFA 16?

Like every September, with the football league now in full swing, it will be back with the release of FIFA, football title developed by EA and became for some years the reference for all football fans. After a day of trial, you need to fully understand the dynamics of the gameplay, and the many ways, we are ready to deliver a verdict on the latest installment of the series.

FIFA 17 – The story mode of Alex Hunter

In the new story mode of FIFA 17 The Journey you do not directly create your own players, but experienced the career of a football stars from the eyes of Alex Hunter. With it, you will do the first steps to find your place in the Premiere League and become a star. What holds this new mode in FIFA 17 for you we will show you the guide on this page. Astuce FIFA 17

EA promises a very realistic gaming experience and off the pitch. Which club the Premier League makes your cross is up to you. Then you play through the ups and downs of life of an aspiring top footballer. In FIFA 17 The Journey , the story takes place not only on the grass. You will with your coach talk, learn emotions at home,cabin conversations lead and be on the road, whether on the plane or the catacombs. FIFA 17 Astuce et Triche

The Story of The Journey in FIFA 17

Generally it follows the story of Alex Hunter . But you have to also before each game, the choice of whether you want to control only him or the team. Your career will take place in the Premiere League. How the story will run, which end it takes and if you can also conquer other leagues is not yet known. A  Be-A-Pro mode in the classic sense, it will not give.

The Story of The Journey in FIFA 17

Generally it follows the story of Alex Hunter . But you have to also before each game, the choice of whether you want to control only him or the team. Your career will take place in the Premiere League. How the story will run, which end it takes and if you can also conquer other leagues is not yet known. A  Be-A-Pro mode in the classic sense, it will not give . FIFA 17 Hack

Hunter cheers

Alex Hunter – the star before tomorrow

Influence the course of history will have different aspects. To a large extent, of course, as your performance on the pitch is. In addition, you will at press conferences to journalists and answer questions, the nature of your answers will affect your reputation. Even red cards or match suspension will have an impact. The Story of The Journey gives you, in addition to the general framework of history, a great individual design possibility of how it comes to Alex Hunter stands.

Will be accompanied by his childhood friend Alex  Walker , with whom you go the first steps together. However, it is also clear that you can pay attention to whether the friendship persists or not.

The jerseys of teenage friends

As from previous parts of the FIFA series is known, you will receive some tasks from your coach, which must complete their order to obtain advantages before the start of the game. You play with a rating system that can promote or prune your career.Through motion capture you experience an authentic world, as you accompany both teammates and coaches. Then will ye be motivated by Jürgen Klopp or together with Eden Hazard enjoy the peace before the storm? Then this mode is right for you. FIFA 17 Cheats

FIFA 17: Dynamic Scenes

All this takes place primarily in the  Dynamic Scenes . Who knows games of basketball counterparts, for these features are already known for several years. If your behavior was sometimes not particularly exemplary in different situations, you must you answer either before your coach or in front of the fan base.

Hunter aircraft

Even your family will have a great impact. In the scenes you go through the endless motivation and be devoted difficulties of life as a professional footballer. In addition, you can watch the  story consultants also bring help. These are represented by various other football players.

Clash Royale guide For Elixir and Gems Management



Clash Royale, the latest mobile game Supercell meeting a success by moving up easily on top of the Play Store downloads for the month of March. Here our guide and some tips to easily progress in the game.

Tips for Clash Royale

Barely out already conqueror: Clash Royale is one of the most active and popular games early this year, and instead first downloads in March. A successful hit by Supercell, already one of the biggest mobile games Clash of Clans .

Supercell is even listening to her community, and has now made it much more accessible and deep game with a new update adding 6 new maps, more gold in the game and a new spectator mode for the most addicted to games .
But start on the game can be difficult, so we’ve put together the following guide and many tips for beginners and intermediate players to play the game the best way possible and avoiding of buy gems.

The competitive aspect of the game taking more and more importance with the arrival of a fashion official tournament in Clash Royale , it’s time to take the game seriously!

free clash royale gems


In this section, we will focus on the strategy to be adopted on Clash Royal to maximize his chances of winning, offline as online.

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be patient
Although it is very tempting to storm away, Royal Clash is actually a game that encourages patients players. Take your time to try to determine the strategy of your opponent and his cards and recharge your dipstick ‘Elixir.

Promote to go on the attack with a volley of monsters rather than go little by little. A pair or trio will actually much more likely to overthrow the party in your favor, or rather dig your advantage and force the opponent thinking about its cons.And as we know resources are limited we do need free clash royale gems to play clash royale with ultimate privilage.

Do not remain inactive

Elixir If your gauge is full, do not just keep warm by reflecting on the next round: play a card costing little or you do not need at the moment, and take great care to think about your strategy beforehand. Early in the game, it’s not bad to get out an effective combo up front to force the opponent to play defensively.

Fight alongside your towers.

Although it may seem scary to mix your tricks on your battles, we strongly recommend you to do so: although the loss of these can cause your defeat, they are also fantastic weapons.

Do not hesitate, especially in defensive phase, to take advantage of the damage they offer rather than trying to battle away from it: you’ll be more likely to finish quickly with enemy assault and restart your load quickly.

Leave your towers handle some enemies

In the same vein, enjoy inflicted damage your towers to continue to press the enemy lines. Indeed, evaluate the situation well in the preamble: if your opponent sends archers on your land while you are on the line, there is no point in spending your Elixir and cards.

clash royale hack cheats for free gems and gold

The archers will be killed by four shots from arena tours without taking much damage it, and you will keep your Elixir and cards Arrows or Fireball for more pressing threats.

Play on the weaknesses to maximize profit by Elixir

Each opponent has his own weakness card, so be sure to reserve your expense Elixir for your attackers and have a hand against easy to attack opponent. For example, a card costing 3 Arrows elixirs comes only at the end of a horde of minions costing the opponent 5 elixirs. Promote therefore inexpensive answers playing on the weaknesses of each card.

Know how to use the new cards

With its latest update, Clash Royal now has 6 new maps for as many counter the stronger than creating new tactics. Do not be afraid to experiment with them from the beginning to hold sway over opponents too used to the old metagame of the game!

clash royale gems hack glitch

Feel free to experiment with new tactics: SuperCell conducts numerous updates to keep the balance intact stake. Especially with a serious Pig Rider nerve deemed too far in the current meta game.

And of course, the latest additions dated with 4 new maps : If you asked Princess problem, you will be thrilled to learn that the log is against perfect for her. The Lumberjack’s also a very good solution to strengthen your inroads into the enemy lines.


In this chapter, we will focus this time on tricks and reflexes to have for beginners and intermediate, to maximize their parts Clash Royale and not have to buy gems too often.

Do not spend too fast your first gems

By default, the game offers you 100 gems you can freely spend. But we advise you not to spend too fast and first acquire a global vision of the game, strategy and the way you play.For gems visit our Website clash royale hack website:

Indeed, players spending their gems for cards that they end up not using are not rare, so avoid to join. Rather, it is recommended to wait to own 500 gems and thus benefit the 10,000 gold coins that unlock.